3D Signs

Sandblasting, carving, gilding, and hand sculpting are just a few of the techniques we can use to produce a perfectly custom sign for your company, your home, or your residential development. Whether you need just a single hanging sign or a whole sign package, we will create just the look you want. A sign created in this medium offers an elegance that is incomparable. These signs can be used to advise your business, or add that special touch to your home, ranch or estate. Our primary choice of materials for these types of signs is High Density Urethane. This is a dense, closed-cell urethane foam that is lightweight yet remarkably strong, unaffected by temperature and waterproof. It is superior to wood in that it resists warping, peeling or cracking. Other materials for these signs are available in fir or cedar, or redwood. Wood signs can be stained to any color, painted, or even gilded with real gold, silver, copper or aluminum leaf. A 3-dimensional, handcarved quality can be added to your 3-D sign with a sculpted graphic. As an enhancement to your home or business, we can frost or carve glass. Sandblasted glass can be used to create privacy, or as an elegant decoration.